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The revolution in venous access

Veinplicity is an innovative, first-in-class electrical stimulation device used as an adjunct to venipuncture.

The device utilizes a specific current and unique wave form to safely increase blood flow and stabilize peripheral veins in the forearm for easy venous access.

By inducing a physiological response in the peripheral venous system through two points of contact – the palm and bicep – local blood volume is significantly increased, allowing practitioners to quickly and efficiently locate available veins.

Veins that are easier to find and more stable to access increase the rate of successful venipuncture and cannulation, resulting in lower patient anxiety and higher satisfaction.

What is the current standard of care for gaining venous access?

Numerous peripheral venous access attempts are undertaken daily by healthcare professionals around the world. The most common device used to aid in gaining access is the tourniquet. This method has not significantly changed for over 80 years. However, the success rate for venous access varies greatly depending on the patient population.


Which patient groups have difficult-to-access veins?

Access is problematic for many patients, including:

  • Elderly patients with frail veins

  • Patients with a high BMI

  • Patients with darker skin tones

  • Patients with a current regime or history of chemotherapy treatments

  • Trauma patients

  • Patients with collapsing or rolling veins

  • Diabetic patients

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